Gadsby & Skol – a vinyl half a century in the making

AUGUST 14, 2023


Toronto musician Rick Skol looks back at the story of his 1970s psyche-rock band Gadsby & Skol, with the release of a vinyl that’s been 50 years in the making.

The vinyl kicks off with ecstatic and high-flying instrumental of “Guitar Dog,” with Skol’s drums building with guitar from Charles Gadsby. The soaring track, inspired by ex-Blue Cheer guitarist Randy Holden’s LP Guitar God,offers a strong prologue of what’s to come.

From the ebbing melody of Skol’s “Stop!” and the hard driving “Fools Like You” to the contemplative lyrics of Gadsby’s “You Could Have” and “I Don’t Know,” the EP brims with a 60s aura that retains the relevance of its message even today.

An act that began during the summer of 1970, as the psych-rock movement continued to push music beyond anything heard prior, Gadsby & Skol was sidelined by late 1971–and over by 1972, with the pair going on to build solid solo careers.

All the years Gadsby & Skol spent perfecting their craft became a catalyst for the perfectly-preserved 60s vibe, and making their CD a cult hit.

Now we get to hear Gadsby & Skol in all its glory on vinyl for the very first time – and it was worth the wait.

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